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There is a quite a variety of landscape rocks that can be used in your landscape and even within a flower bed.

Boulders add a natural look to your landscaping, small rocks can be used for flower garden borders , and pebbles or gravel-like rocks can be used to fill a void space and they are excellent for controlling weeds in a flower garden if you put weed-resistance fabric under them.

Where to Get the Rocks

Many towns have rock quarries. We have a construction company that sells rocks here in this little town. Most garden centers also carry rocks and gravel that you can buy individually or in bags.yellow flowers and rocks

There are many online companies that sell rocks for landscaping from gravel to boulders. They even sell “fake” rocks – so be sure to check if you want the real thing.

You can also look for boulders or river rocks on family days out . Just make sure that you are not stealing the rocks from someone else’s landscape!

If you have trouble finding rocks for sale, drive around town and look for yards that are landscaped in rock and ask the homeowner or business owner where they got them. I’ve found that word of mouth is the best source.

When I had dirt brought in for my backyard, one of my neighbors stopped by to see where I got it. He has awesome rock landscape with cactuses in his front yard, so he gave me some tips on getting rock.

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