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The genus of the iris flower includes over two-hundred species. In the area where I live, the dark-purple iris most common; however, there are many colors to choose from. I’m particularly impressed by the iris hollandica, commonly known as the eye of the tiger. blue iris flower

The blooms of the iris are exquisite making it a popular perennial plant for a cut flower garden. The flowers are simply gorgeous in a flower bouquet.

Many irises are planted from flower bulbs . They can be grown from flower seeds as well. Because of their tendency to take over the garden, they are often planted through root separation and replanting.

Most iris plants are hardy in zones 4 to 9; however, some varieties grow well in zone 3 and 10 also.

Irises grow best in well-draining soil and most prefer full sunlight, but some are tolerant of partial shade. Their watering requirements are slight, requiring water only in dry spells. Because of their tendency to spread, it is necessary to divide or thin them regularly in order to keep the plants healthy. A well maintained garden will result in larger blooms.

Most iris plants are deer-resistant and they are not attractive to squirrels. Compared to other flowers, they are pretty disease-free, which makes them a hardy perennial that will return year after year.


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