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Instead of designing an original flower garden layout, most homeowners just plant in the pre-developed flower bed that exists when they purchase the house.

If the landscape was professionally developed, that may be satisfying; however, most houses just have a rectangular “spot” for planting flowers in.

Types of Layouts

Rectangular or Square Layout

Creating a rectangular garden is pretty standard and to many flower garden lovers, boring. However, it does have some advantages.

  • It is easy to do
  • The costs may be less if you intend to use flower garden borders because square or rectangular borders are usually less expensive than fancy ones and they are more easily available
  • If the garden is bordered by a lawn, it makes mowing and edging the lawn a bit easier

Circular Layout

Circular layouts are wonderful for garden in the middle of a yard and half-circles usually look great in corners.

Designing a circular garden can be challenging and requires knowledge of the height of plants, shrubs and so forth so that it doesn’t look quirky, but it can be quite beautiful.

Curved Layout

Gardens made using a curved layout are my favorites. They present creativity and to me they are easy to create because you don’t have mess with making a straight line. The disadvantage of curved gardens is that it makes mowing and edging a bit harder.

In addition to these layouts you can always be totally original or choose a raised garden to implement the chosen layout. Raised garden beds are wonderful if the ground is rocky or hard to dig. The disadvantage of raised gardens is that it can be more expensive in the beginning because you will have to purchase soil and material for the walls.

Don’t be limited in your flower garden design . Honestly, you can design a flower bed anywhere that you want to it be and choose your own layout giving your flower garden a personal touch.

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